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DC power grids with constant-power loadsPart I: A full characterization of power flow feasibility, long-term voltage stability and their correspondence

Angle-Based Formation Control for a Class of Underlying Triangulated Laman Graphs: Extended abstract

A passivity approach in port-Hamiltonian form for formation control and velocity tracking

DC power grids with constant-power loads—Part II: Nonnegative power demands, conditions for feasibility, and high-voltage solutions

Indirect adaptive control of nonlinearly parameterized nonlinear dissipative systems

Introduction to Jan C. Willems', 'Dissipative Dynamical Systems, Part II: Linear Systems with Quadratic Supply Rates'

Limits to Energy Conversion

Virtual contractivity-based control of fully-actuated mechanical systems in the port-Hamiltonian framework

A Full Characterization of the Power Flow Feasibility for DC Power Grids with Constant-Power Loads

Angle based formation with bearing and velocity information

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