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  1. A priori-defined Mediterranean-like dietary pattern predicts cardiovascular events better in north Europe than in Mediterranean countries

    IMPROVE Study Grp, Veglia, F., Baldassarre, D., de Faire, U., Kurl, S., Smit, A. J., Rauramaa, R., Giral, P., Amato, M., Di Minno, A., Ravani, A., Frigerio, B., Castelnuovo, S., Sansaro, D., Coggi, D., Bonomi, A., Tedesco, C., Mannarino, E., Humphries, S. E., Hamsten, A. & Tremoli, E., 1-May-2019, In : International Journal of Cardiology. 282, p. 88-92 5 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  2. GWAS and colocalization analyses implicate carotid intima-media thickness and carotid plaque loci in cardiovascular outcomes

    MEGASTROKE Consortium, Franceschini, N., Giambartolomei, C., de Vries, P. S., Finan, C., Bis, J. C., Huntley, R. P., Lovering, R. C., Tajuddin, S. M., Winkler, T. W., Graff, M., Kavousi, M., Dale, C., Smith, A. V., Hofer, E., van Leeuwen, E. M., Nolte, I. M., Lu, L., Scholz, M., Sargurupremraj, M., Pitkanen, N., Franzen, O., Joshi, P. K., Noordam, R., Marioni, R. E., Hwang, S-J., Musani, S. K., Schminke, U., Palmas, W., Isaacs, A., Correa, A., Zonderman, A. B., Hofman, A., Teumer, A., Cox, A. J., Uitterlinden, A. G., Wong, A., Smit, A. J., Newman, A. B., Britton, A., Ruusalepp, A., Sennblad, B., Hedblad, B., Pasaniuc, B., Penninx, B. W., Langefeld, C. D., Wassel, C. L., Tzourio, C., Snieder, H., Kumari, M. & Post, W., 3-Dec-2018, In : Nature Communications. 9, 14 p., 5141.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  3. Accumulation of advanced glycation end products is associated with macrovascular events and glycaemic control with microvascular complications in Type 2 diabetes mellitus

    Yozgatli, K., Lefrandt, J. D., Noordzij, M. J., Oomen, P. H. N., Brouwer, T., Jager, J., Cabezas, M. C. & Smit, A. J., Sep-2018, In : Diabetic Medicine. 35, 9, p. 1242-1248 7 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

  4. Skin autofluorescence predicts incident type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and mortality in the general population

    van Waateringe, R. P., Fokkens, B. T., Slagter, S. N., van der Klauw, M. M., van Vliet-Ostaptchouk, J. V., Graaff, R., Paterson, A. D., Smit, A. J., Lutgers, H. L. & Wolffenbuttel, B. H. R., Feb-2019, In : Diabetologia. 62, 2, p. 269-280 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleAcademicpeer-review

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  1. Data for: Mapping of 79 loci for 83 plasma protein biomarkers in cardiovascular disease

    Folkersen, L. (Creator), Fauman, E. (Creator), Sabater-Lleal, M. (Creator), Strawbridge, R. J. (Creator), Franberg, M. (Creator), Sennblad, B. (Creator), Baldassarre, D. (Creator), Veglia, F. (Creator), Humphries, S. E. (Creator), Rauramaa, R. (Creator), de Faire, U. (Creator), Smit, A. (Creator), Giral, P. (Creator), Kurl, S. (Creator), Mannarino, E. (Creator), Enroth, S. (Creator), Johansson, A. (Creator), Enroth, S. B. (Creator), Gustafsson, S. (Creator), Lind, L. (Creator), Lindgren, C. (Creator), Morris, A. P. (Creator), Giedraitis, V. (Creator), Silveira, A. (Creator), Franco-Cereceda, A. (Creator), Tremoli, E. (Creator), Gyllensten, U. (Creator), Ingelsson, E. (Creator), Brunak, S. (Creator), Eriksson, P. (Creator), Ziemek, D. (Creator), Hamsten, A. (Creator), Malarstig, A. (Creator), University of Groningen, 1-Mar-2017


  2. Vitreous advanced glycation endproducts and α-dicarbonyls in retinal detachment patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and non-diabetic controls

    Fokkens, B. (Creator), Mulder, D. (Creator), Schalkwijk, C. (Creator), Scheijen, J. L. (Creator), Smit, A. (Creator), University of Groningen, 2016


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