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A.J.M. (Andrew) Irving, Dr

Universitair Docent Religie en Erfgoed

  1. Mass Media: The Media Transformation of the Mass Book in the Middle Ages.
    This project studies material aspects of media transformation of one of the most frequently copied and widespread books of the Middle Ages: the mass book. The project takes both a quantitative and a qualitative approach: all surviving mass books (missals, sacramentaries and any "mixed" forms) produced between the mid eleventh and the mid thirteenth century are surveyed. Second qualitative case studies are undertaken of particular geographical areas. The first output of the project is a critique of existing narratives attempting to explain or provide evidence of the change ("On the Counting of Mass Books," Archiv für Liturgiewissenschaft 57 (2015): 24-48 appeared 2017). The in preparation are studies of the mass book in the Beneventan Zone (Southern Italy), and of Italian Mass books in general in the early Middle Ages. 
  2. Digital Schoolbook Project (collaborator with Prof. Dr. W. Martin Bloomer, University of Notre Dame).
    The project studies the transmission, translation, and commentary history of the Distichs of Cato, a collection of "sententiae" produced in the second century, and employed in primary-level education to teach Latin and moral conduct from late Antiquity to the modern era. The project surveys surviving manuscript evidence of the work and its numerous commentaries, and studies aspects of the text's use in medieval schooling. A critical edition of Erasmus' edition and commentary on the Distichs is in preparation.
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