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How to find us prof. dr. A.J. (Aard) Groen

prof. dr. A.J. (Aard) Groen

Dean University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship (UGCE) & professor of entrepreneurship & valorization
prof. dr. A.J. (Aard) Groen
+31 50 36 33830 (Secretariat: 050 363 (5162/2396)

Research interests

Innovation & Entrepreneurship in network perspective has been my research topic during my career. More specific I am interested in high tech entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship & innovation, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship support methods and techniques.

In Groningen next to being full professor of entrepreneurship & valorization, I am dean of entrepreneurship, so I lead the development of UoG as entrepreneurial university. By supporting work anywhere in UoG research, teaching and busines development support methods for the UoG in the University of Groningen Center of Entrepreneurship see\UGCE Since 1 june 2018 UGCE merged with the faculty UCG, to estabish a school for interdisciplinary approaches of innovation in  uncertain and complex challenges in society, UGCE adds to this from the entrepreneurship point of view. 

Into this UoG position I came as a so called double position with an older similar position @ University of Twente. In Twente I am co-founder of NIKOS the Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship (sister of UGCE). Since beginning 2020 I am fully working at UG, but still finishing several PhD students projects in Twente.

My research is part of Innovation and organization research program of SOM. I teach entrepreneurship and help other develop programs in many schools of UoG. Developing entrepreneurship support we mainly do in living labs such as Venturelab North in which we support persons and teams who like to develop a growth oriented knowledge intensive enterprise. This is part of our reserarch and teaching portfolio too. 

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