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Research interests

Dr Alex de Lacey is Assistant Professor in Popular Music at the University of Groningen. His research focuses on performance in grime and hip-hop. His first book, Level Up: Live Performance and Creative Process in Grime Music, is available through Routledge. Alex writes for Red Bull, Songlines and is published in Global Hip-Hop Studies, Popular Music, Popular Music History and an edited collection on Critical Digital Pedagogy.

He DJs for grime crew Over the Edge, with a monthly show on Mode FM.


‘You're as Taz as Tazzy Can Be': Transgressing Racial and Class Boundaries in Australian Grime

Level Up: Live Performance and Creative Process in Grime Music

Live and direct? Censorship and racialised public morality in grime and drill music

Pirate mentality: How London radio has shaped creative practice in grime music

‘Let us know you’re locked’: Pirate radio broadcasts as historical and musical artefact

Mitchell Ohriner, Flow: The Rhythmic Voice in Rap Music (2019)

‘Wot do u call it? Doof doof’: Articulations of glocality in Australian grime music

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