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Continuous 2D trajectory decoding from attempted movement: across-session performance in able-bodied and feasibility in a spinal cord injured participant

Online asynchronous detection of error-related potentials in participants with a spinal cord injury using a generic classifier

Assessing the impact of vibrotactile kinaesthetic feedback on electroencephalographic signals in a center-out task

Continuous low-frequency EEG decoding of arm movement for closed-loop, natural control of a robotic arm

Distance- and speed-informed kinematics decoding improves M/EEG based upper-limb movement decoder accuracy

Using machine learning to reveal the population vector from EEG signals

Online asynchronous decoding of error-related potentials during the continuous control of a robot

A paradigm for detection of self-paced movement imaginations using MRCPs

Decoding differences in continuously executed and observed tracking movements from EEG signals

Decoding natural reach-and-grasp actions from human EEG

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