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Practical matters How to find us A.I. Lauxen, MSc

Research interests

Anna Ingeborg Lauxen is a dedicated PhD student within the Molecular Genetics department at the University of Groningen (NL). Before she started her PhD on antibiotic resistance, guided by Prof. Oscar P. Kuipers, Anna got a bachelor degree in molecular life sciences in 2014, followed by a top master degree in biomolecular sciences in 2016, both at the University of Groningen, including an internship on neuronal programming of stem cells at the University of Melbourne (AUS), supervised by Prof. Martin Pera, a leading expert in human stem cell biology. She also participated in iGEM and obtained a gold medal with her team. Her curious nature makes it hard to list scientific interests, but her current research focuses on biofilms, gene expression and resistance development and reversibility. She is now close to obtaining her doctorate. Visit her profile at: