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Hybrid Model with Discrete-Event Simulation and Repeated Machine Learning Prediction-Based Quality Inspection of Inbound Distribution Center Deliveries

Applying a Hybrid Model to Solve the Job-Shop Scheduling Problem with Preventive Maintenance, Sequence-Dependent Setup Times and Unknown Processing Times

Developing a calibrated discrete event simulation model of shops of a Dutch phone and subscription retailer during COVID-19 to evaluate shift plans to reduce waiting times

Minimising Total Costs of a Two-Echelon Multi-Depot Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem (2E-MD-CVRP) that Describes the Utilisation of the Amsterdam City Canal Network for Last Mile Parcel Delivery

Simulation-based business game for teaching methods in logistics and production

Stochastic Modelling in Production Planning

State probabilities for an M/M/1 queuing system with two capacity levels

Periodical capacity setting methods for make-to-order multi-machine production systems

Application of a generic simulation model to optimize production and workforce planning at an automotive supplier

Influence of dispatching rules on average production lead time for multi-stage production systems

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