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Recent Developments and Practical Feasibility of Polymer-Based Antifouling Coatings

Temperature-Responsive Polyelectrolyte Complexes for Bio-Inspired Underwater Adhesives

A mild and quantitative route towards well-defined strong anionic/hydrophobic diblock copolymers: Synthesis and aqueous self-assembly

Bioinspired Underwater Adhesives by Using the Supramolecular Toolbox

Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Supramolecular Double-Comb Triblock Terpolymers

Asymmetric supramolecular double-comb diblock copolymers: From plasticization, to confined crystallization, to breakout

Free-standing thermo-responsive nanoporous membranes from high molecular weight PS-PNIPAM block copolymers synthesized via RAFT polymerization

The Origin of Hierarchical Structure Formation in Highly Grafted Symmetric Supramolecular Double-Comb Diblock Copolymers

Hierarchical Layer Engineering Using Supramolecular Double-Comb Diblock Copolymers

Hierarchical structure formation in supramolecular comb-shaped block copolymers

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