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Scaling for the inverse thickness dependence of specific penetration energy in polymer thin film impact tests

The effect of nanoparticle softness on the interfacial dynamics of a model polymer nanocomposite

Systematic coarse-graining of epoxy resins with machine learning-informed energy renormalization

Universal Relation for Effective Interaction between Polymer-Grafted Nanoparticles

Influence of polymer topology on crystallization in thin films

Predictive relation for the a-relaxation time of a coarse-grained polymer melt under steady shear

Star topology increases ballistic resistance in thin polymer films

Mutual information does not detect growing correlations in the propensity of a model molecular liquid

Boson Peak Decouples from Elasticity in Glasses with Low Connectivity

Elastic modulus and yield strength of semicrystalline polymers with bond disorder are higher than in atomic crystals

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