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The effect of three-dimensional visualisation on performance in endoscopic sinus surgery: A clinical training study using surgical navigation for movement analysis in a randomised crossover design

Evaluation of the psychometric properties of the endoscopic endonasal sinus and skull base surgery questionnaire (EES-Q) in a prospective cohort study

Development of the Endoscopic Endonasal Sinus and Skull Base Surgery Questionnaire

Calculating nasoseptal flap dimensions: a cadaveric study using cone beam computed tomography

Epistaxis caused by a dural AV-fistula at the cribriform plate

Age of diagnosis and evaluation of consequences of submucous cleft palate

Limited Evidence for the Effect of Presurgical Nasoalveolar Molding in Unilateral Cleft on Nasal Symmetry: A Call for Unified Research

Cranialization of the frontal sinus-the final remedy for refractory chronic frontal sinusitis

Frontal sinus Response

Unilateral Hyperlucent Lung in a Child Caused by a Foreign Body Identified With V/Q Scintigraphy

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