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De ziekenhuisarts: eerste praktijkervaringen

The impact of leader-member exchange on follower performance in light of the larger social network

De ontwikkeling van oncologienetwerken in Nederland: Aanbevelingen rond organisatie en financiering

Effectevaluatie ziekenhuisarts pilot - traject II: Eindrapportage

Identity construction by first entrants in a new profession: Blending in or bringing change under conditions of mixed liminality

The moderating influence of personality on individual outcomes of social networks

Telebalancing: ethical questions in telemonitoring aimed at prevention

How teams use indicators for quality improvement: A multiple-case study on the use of multiple indicators in multidisciplinary breast cancer teams

To leave or not to leave: When receiving interpersonal citizenship behavior influences an employee's turnover intention

To work is to relate: the influence of work relationships on individual work outcomes

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