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Research interests

I am a hematopathologist at the University Medical Center Groningen and a principal investigator in the SALL (stem cells, aging, leukemia and lymphoma) program of the CRCG (Cancer Research Center Groningen). My main research interest involves malignant lymphoma, in particular Hodgkin lymphoma, with a strong focus on interactions between tumor cells and the microenvironment. In my PhD thesis "Classical Hodgkin lymphoma: population based studies on HLA and EBV (2007)" and follow-up studies, I discovered that the HLA system is intricately involved in Hodgkin lymphoma susceptibility, pathogenesis and prognosis and published these findings in the Lancet, Journal of Clinical Oncology and Blood. I secured three Dutch Cancer Society grants to do functional follow-up studies on these findings. Fruitful international collaborations involve the Interlymph consortium on genome wide association studies, the Lymphoma group of the EORTC and various groups in the UK, Canada and the US. My areas of expertise are: immunology, tumor cell biology, association studies and molecular diagnostics in pathology.   


Clonal hematopoiesis and UBA1 mutations in individuals with biopsy-proven giant cell arteritis and population-based controls

Core regions in immunoglobulin heavy chain enhancers essential for survival of non-Hodgkin lymphoma cells are identified by a CRISPR interference screen

Demographics and additional haematologic cancers of patients with histiocytic/dendritic cell neoplasms

Detection of circulating tumor DNA in plasma of patients with primary CNS lymphoma by digital droplet PCR

Iron deficiency, anemia, and patient-reported outcomes in kidney transplant recipients

Memory B-cell derived donor-specific antibodies do not predict outcome in sensitized kidney transplant recipients: a retrospective single-center study

Pinpointing Functionally Relevant miRNAs in Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma Pathogenesis

A population-based study of transformed marginal zone lymphoma: identifying outcome-related characteristics

A significant proportion of classic Hodgkin lymphoma recurrences represents clonally unrelated second primary lymphoma

Clinical outcome and humoral immune responses of β-thalassemia major patients with severe iron overload to SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination: a prospective cohort study

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Serum TARC Levels Increased Years Prior to Hodgkin Lymphoma Diagnosis

Serumspiegels TARC-eiwit al jaren voor diagnose Hodgkin lymfoom verhoogd

Hodgkin lymphoma can be diagnosed much earlier

Video Interview for the Video Journal of Haematological Oncology on TARC in Hodgkin lymphoma

Een lab dat levens redt - a lab that saves lives

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