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Control and inclusivity: Secondary Dutch school teachers’ attitudes towards classroom multilingualism

Language policy and diversity management for social justice: An introduction

Language policy and diversity management for social justice

Decolonising Minority Languages Through Language Revitalization: The case of Occitan new speakers in France

Historicity and identity in minoritized language speakers: multi-layered attitudes and grounding in the local space

‘Mais de quoi ont-ils bien peur?: contested regional language rights in France

Deconstructing the idea of language: The effects of the patoisation of Occitan in France

Evolution of linguistic identity in a super-region: The case of Catalans and Occitans in Occitanie

French Language Policies and the Revitalisation of Regional Languages in the 21st Century

Introduction: Shifting dynamics in French Language Policies

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Baqonde: multilingual teaching in higher education in South Africa