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A.D.E. (Aurélie) Joubert, Dr

Assistant Professor Language and Society (French)
Profile picture of A.D.E. (Aurélie) Joubert, Dr

Aurélie Joubert has joined the University of Groningen in 2019. Before taking this position, she was a lecturer in French Studies (Queen University Belfast, 2017-2019), a teaching fellow in French Studies (University of Leicester, 2011-2017) and a lecturer in Linguistics (University of Manchester, 2010-2011). She holds a PhD from the University of Manchester (2010) with a doctoral thesis entitled: “A Comparative Study of the Evolution of Prestige Formations and of Speakers’ Attitudes in Occitan and Catalan”, supervised by Dr Iris Bachmann and Prof Nigel Vincent. 

As well as establishing a profile as a French language teacher, she has specialised in the topic of French language policies. She has co-edited the volume 'French Language Policies and the Revitalisation of French Regional Languages in the 21st Century' (Palgrave McMillan, 2019) with Dr Michelle Harrison. This volume aimed at giving an overview of some effects of the recent revitalisation efforts of French regional languages in a variety of domains (linguistic classification, attitudes, education, publication, language rights etc.) with the examples taken from various French regional languages and contexts.

Another book project aspires to revisit her doctoral study which dealt with the complexity of the notion of language prestige and its links to speakers' attitudes for two closely related languages with very different prospects of maintenance: Occitan and Catalan. 

She is increasingly interested in the parallels drawn between the protection of linguistic diversity and ecological preservation.

She welcomes projects and collaborations on language and power, language policy and planning, minority languages, attitudes and ideologies, linguistic standardisation and uniformisation. 

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