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dr. A. (Andrea) Costanzo

dr. A. (Andrea) Costanzo


I am currently working as Post-Doc in the group of Prof. C. Hemelrijk on collective behaviour of fish schools and bird flocks. A collective motion pattern which is often observed in fish schools is the so-called milling (i.e. circular motion, also called vortex state). I am currently studying the emergence of milling in minimal models, in order to understand the fundamental mechanisms and ingredients of milling formation.

Already during my Master and PhD in theoretical physics, I have worked on collective behaviour. In particular, I worked on models and simulations of the run-and-tumble motion of E. coli bacteria and self-propelled rods, investigating transport problems, sorting techniques, and ratchet phenomena. 

A. Costanzo and C. K. Hemelrijk,  "Spontaneous emergence of milling (vortex state) in a Vicsek-like model", J.Phys.D, 2018 
A. Costanzo, J. Elgeti, T. Auth, G. Gompper and M. Ripoll, "Motility-sorting of self-propelled   particles in microchannels", Europhysics Letters 2014 
A. Costanzo, R. Di Leonardo, G. Ruocco and L. Angelani, "Transport of self-propelling bacteria in micro-channel flow", Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 2012
L. Angelani, A. Costanzo and R. Di Leonardo, "Active ratchets", Europhysics Letters 2011
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