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Crítica y ciencia: la psicología de Concepción Arenal

Early Experimental Psychology: How did Replication Work Before P-Hacking?

James Elwick. Making a Grade: Victorian Examinations and the Rise of Standardized Testing

Women in the history of forensic psychology: The contribution of Concepción Arenal

Biographies of a Scientific Subject: The Intelligence Test

Buscando el «Tesoro» de la nación: El niño superdotado en España, 1911-1936

Children’s exceptional minds as socio-economic resource

Die Psychologie im Nationalsozialismus aus spanischer Sicht:: Rassenideologie, Typologie und Psychotechnik

Mind Reading Through Body Language in Early Spanish Criminology and Juridical Psychology

Mental Association: Testing Individual Differences Before Binet

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