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Classification of Salmonella enterica of the (Para-)Typhoid Fever Group by Fourier-Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectroscopy

Parabacteroides distasonis: intriguing aerotolerant gut anaerobe with emerging antimicrobial resistance and pathogenic and probiotic roles in human health

Antimicrobial susceptibility profiles of anaerobic bacteria, isolated from human clinical specimens, within different European and surrounding countries. A joint ESGAI study

Comparing identification of clinically relevant Prevotella species by VITEK MS and MALDI biotyper

Epidemiology and microbiological features of anaerobic bacteremia in two French University hospitals

The GenusAlistipes: Gut Bacteria With Emerging Implications to Inflammation, Cancer, and Mental Health

Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance genes in Bacteroides spp. and Prevotella spp. Dutch clinical isolates

A multicenter survey of antimicrobial susceptibility of Prevotella species as determined by Etest methodology

An overview of the data obtained during the validation of an optimized MALDI-TOF MS Biotyper database for the identification of anaerobic bacteria

Assessing the clinical relevance of Fenollaria massiliensis in human infections, using MALDI-TOF MS

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