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How chronic anthropogenic noise can affect wildlife communities

Kinematics and energetics of foraging behavior in Rice’s whales of the Gulf of Mexico

SoundScape Learning: An automatic method for separating fish chorus in marine soundscapes

Exploring marine mammal presence across seven US national marine sanctuaries

Friend or foe: Risso’s dolphins eavesdrop on conspecific sounds to induce or avoid intra-specific interaction

Advancing the Interpretation of Shallow Water Marine Soundscapes

An echosounder view on the potential effects of impulsive noise pollution on pelagic fish around windfarms in the North Sea

Interacting effects of short-term and long-term noise exposure on antipredator behaviour in sand gobies

Risso's dolphins perform spin dives to target deep-dwelling prey

Diving apart together: Call propagation in diving long-finned pilot whales

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Ook een vis kan zingen

Dolfijnen hebben stembanden in hun neus

Dolfijnen ‘schreeuwen’ naar elkaar om boven lawaai van mensen uit te komen