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Change in Work-Related Income Following the Uptake of Treatment for Mental Disorders Among Young Migrant and Non-migrant Women in Norway: A National Register Study

Disentangling the association between alcohol consumption and employment status: causation, selection or confounding?

Does the Survey Mode Affect the Association Between Subjective Well-being and its Determinants? An Experimental Comparison Between Face-to-Face and Web Mode

Economic Precariousness and the Transition to Parenthood: A Dynamic and Multidimensional Approach

Outpatient mental health service use following contact with primary health care among migrants in Norway: A national register study

Relationship Between Childhood Abuse and Body Mass Index in Young Adulthood: Mediated by Depression and Anxiety?

Socioeconomic differences in major depressive disorder onset among adults are partially explained by lifestyle factors: A longitudinal analysis of the Lifelines Cohort Study

Socioeconomic differences in metabolic syndrome development: examining the mediating role of chronic stress using the Lifelines Cohort Study

Socioeconomic differences in metabolic syndrome development among males and females, and the mediating role of health literacy and self-management skills

The association between early marriage and mental disorder among young migrant and non-migrant women: a Norwegian register-based study

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