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Practical matters How to find us A.C. (Anita) Keller, Dr

Research interests

Employee and leader well-being; self-regulation; self-concept; work transitions; careers; longitudinal research


Becoming Comfortable with the Uncomfortable: The Paradoxical Role of Learning in the Coping Process

Please wait until I am done! Longitudinal effects of work interruptions on employee well-being

Remote Managers Are Having Trust Issues

Career Planning and Self-efficacy as Predictors of Students’ Career-Related Worry: Direct and Mediated Pathways

Do influence at work and possibilities for development mitigate the impact of job demands for workers with and without depression

Goldilocks work conditions for all ages: Age-conditional effects of work design profiles on well-being

Job demands, not resources, predict worsening psychological distress during the early phase of the COVID-19 pandemic

The rise and fall of job insecurity during a pandemic: The role of habitual coping

Adding insult to injury: Illegitimate stressors and their association with situational well-being, social self-esteem, and desire for revenge

Boosting job performance when working from home: Four key strategies

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