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An mRNA expression-based signature for oncogene-induced replication-stress

Immunogenicity after second and third mRNA-1273 vaccination doses in patients receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or both for solid tumours

Mining high dimensional transcriptomic data to unravel the causes and consequences of genomic instability in cancers

Improving gene function predictions using independent transcriptional components

mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccination in patients receiving chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or chemoimmunotherapy for solid tumours: a prospective, multicentre, non-inferiority trial

Robust metabolic transcriptional components in 34,494 patient-derived cancer-related samples and cell lines

Overexpression of Cyclin E1 or Cdc25A leads to replication stress, mitotic aberrancies, and increased sensitivity to replication checkpoint inhibitors

Transcriptional effects of copy number alterations in a large set of human cancers

The metabolic landscape browser: a novel tool for understanding pan-cancer metabolic processes through variance in gene expression data

Validation and update of a lymph node metastasis prediction model for breast cancer

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