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Molecular mechanisms of inorganic-phosphate release from the core and barbed end of actin filaments

Structure and activation mechanism of the Makes caterpillars floppy 1 toxin

Mechanism of threonine ADP-ribosylation of F-actin by a Tc toxin

Structural basis of actin filament assembly and aging

Cryo-EM Resolves Molecular Recognition Of An Optojasp Photoswitch Bound To Actin Filaments In Both Switch States

Mechanism of actin-dependent activation of nucleotidyl cyclase toxins from bacterial human pathogens

Prevalence of ExoY Activity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa Reference Panel Strains and Impact on Cytotoxicity in Epithelial Cells

Structure of the Lifeact–F-actin complex

Differential regulation of actin-activated nucleotidyl cyclase virulence factors by filamentous and globular actin

ExoY, an actin-activated nucleotidyl cyclase toxin from P. aeruginosa: A minireview

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