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Subterahertz Astronomy in the Russian Federation: Prospects and Directions

Characterization of Widefield THz Optics Using Phase Shifting Interferometry

Comparing the performance of 850 GHz integrated bias-tee superconductor-insulator-superconductor (SIS) mixers with single- and parallel-junction tuner

Dispersive Spectrometry at Terahertz Frequencies for Probing the Quality of NbTiN Superconducting Films

Electromagnetic performance comparisons of 0.85 THz integrated bias-tee SIS mixers with twin-junction and end-loaded tuning schemes

High-resolution imaging of a black hole shadow with Millimetron orbit around lagrange point l2

The small-sized telescope of CTAO

Adjustable carbon fiber reinforced plastic panel for a large-aperture telescope

Characterization of superconducting NbTiN films using a dispersive Fourier transform spectrometer

Efficiency of the Image Band Suppression in Sideband Separating SIS Receivers for Radio Astronomy

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