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Confirmatory factor analysis of the Dutch Screening Visual Complaints questionnaire in people with multiple sclerosis

It Takes Time: Vigilance and Sustained Attention Assessment in Adults with ADHD

Parental experiences of homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic: Differences between seven European countries and between children with and without mental health conditions

ADHD at the workplace: ADHD symptoms, diagnostic status, and work-related functioning

Basic and Complex Cognitive Functions in Adult ADHD

Effect of dual tasking on a dynamic balance task in children with and without DCD

Everyday Life Attention Scale (ELAS): Normative data of n = 1,874 Dutch participants

Feigning ADHD and stimulant misuse among Dutch university students

Financial judgment determination in adults with ADHD

Look who is complaining: Psychological factors predicting subjective cognitive complaints in a large community sample of older adults

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Studenten moeten af van de Ritalin als studiepil

16 procent van de ondervraagde RUG-studenten gebruikt ritalin

What student doesn’t love Ritalin?

Feigning ADHD and stimulant misuse among BSS students

Patient or pretender – Feigning ADHD and its detection

ADHD in society

Good vibrations: Whole Body Vibration as a new treatment for ADHD?

Do you remember? Memory problems in adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

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