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MINDS: JWST/NIRCam imaging of the protoplanetary disk PDS 70 A spiral accretion stream and a potential third protoplanet

MINDS. JWST/MIRI Reveals a Dynamic Gas-rich Inner Disk inside the Cavity of SY Cha

A rich hydrocarbon chemistry and high C to O ratio in the inner disk around a very low-mass star

MINDS Abundant water and varying C/O across the disk of Sz 98 as seen by JWST/MIRI

MINDS. The Detection of 13CO2 with JWST-MIRI Indicates Abundant CO2 in a Protoplanetary Disk

The chemical inventory of the inner regions of planet-forming disks - the JWST/MINDS program

The diverse chemistry of protoplanetary disks as revealed by JWST

Ices in planet-forming disks: Self-consistent ice opacities in disk models

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