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Detecting therapy-guiding RNA aberrations in platelets of non-small cell lung cancer patients

An All-In-One Transcriptome-Based Assay to Identify Therapy-Guiding Genomic Aberrations in Nonsmall Cell Lung Cancer Patients

An all-in-one transcriptome-based assay to identify therapy-related biomarkers in lung cancer

Detecting therapy-guiding aberrations in platelets and plasma at the transcriptome level in non-small-cell lung cancer

Avenues to molecular imaging of dying cells: Focus on cancer

A comprehensive RNA-based assay for treatment prediction in non-small cell lung cancer patients

All-in-one RNA-based assay to detect therapeutic biomarkers in lung cancer

Sigma-1 agonist binding in the aging rat brain: A microPET study with [11C]SA4503

Potential applications for sigma receptor ligands in cancer diagnosis and therapy

Targeted delivery of CD40L promotes restricted activation of antigen-presenting cells and induction of cancer cell death

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