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The Edge of Perinatal Viability: Understanding the Dutch Position

A protagonist's view of euthanasia in the Netherlands today

Addressing fragmentation in paediatric palliative care

Barriers in care for children with life-threatening conditions: a qualitative interview study in the Netherlands

Breaking bad news: what parents would like you to know

'I actually felt like I was a researcher myself.' On involving children in the analysis of qualitative paediatric research in the Netherlands

Intestinal Oxygenation and Survival After Surgery for Necrotizing Enterocolitis: An Observational Cohort Study

Lack of knowledge and experience highlights the need for a clear paediatric organ and tissue donation protocol in the Netherlands

On the limits of viability: toward an individualized prognosis-based approach

Pediatric Brain Tumors: Narrating Suffering and End-of-Life Decisionmaking

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Dutch government backs plan to legalise euthanaia for minors under 12-years-old

Netherlands backs euthanasia for terminally ill children under-12

De kwestie: ieder kind mag waardig sterven

Euthanasia for severely ill children?

End-of-life decisions and pediatric palliative care

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