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Information Universe 2022

From:We 22-06-2022
Until:Fr 24-06-2022
Where:DOTliveplanetarium, Groningen

We are happy to announce the next Information Universe conference, edition 4th. It will take place on 22-24 June 2022 in DOTliveplanetarium in Groningen (NL).

IU Topics

During the Information Universe conference we aspire to bring together experts as well as young researchers from a number of different communities, to discuss and debate the definition and interpretation of information. We study the role of information in the way we try to build understanding and accumulate insights in physics, astronomy, cosmology, computational science, mathematics, bio-informatics, neuroscience, crossovers in Physics- information - AI and life sciences in general. Contributions from any of these fields are strongly encouraged.

To address these questions, the conference will host sessions on:

Theme: crossovers in Physics- information - AI

The computing universe

Keynote speakers: Stephen Wolfram (on-line), Seth Lloyd

Invited speaker: Juan Garcia-Bellido

Complexity and Machine learning (also industrial applications, validations, facts and fakes)

Keynote speaker: Larry Wasserman

Invited speaker: Miguel Aragon

The ΛCDM tension, Euclid and the future of cosmology

Keynote speakers: Leon Koopmans, Tamara Davis, Henk Hoekstra

Invited speakers: Nikki Arendse, Job Feldbrugge

Quantum information: from gravity to unification

Keynote speakers: Erik Verlinde, Carlo Rovelli (on-line)

Life science and biology

Keynote speakers: Charley Lineweaver, David Eric Smith

Target Fieldlab

Keynote speaker Forensic Journalism: Ruurd Oosterwoud

Data2Dome - Euclid

Near earth objects on full dome



Please follow the registration (payment required) link.


Note the following deadlines for registration and abstract submission:

- Abstract Submission: 1st March

- Notification for abstract and contribution acceptance: 1st April

- Registration deadline: 1st May