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Are you currently studying at the science faculty of the University of Groningen and looking for an applied research project that has actual impact for society? The Beta Science Shop may offer a solution. The science shop connects non-profit organisations and students. As a student, you can do a project for the science shop as part of your current degree programme. You will get credits for this and will be supervised by a Faculty staff member. Do you want to know more about this? You can contact us here.

Students present their research
Students present their research

Why would you want to do a science shop project?

● You will do relevant research. Your report will not end up unread, but will be used by the contractor and other interested people.
● You will learn to communicate with both scientists and laymen and bridge the gap. This will be very helpful in your later career.
● You will learn about organisations within and outside the university.
● You will get the opportunity to use your own initiative and creativity to independently tackle an unsolved problem.

More information

For more information, please contact us by email: science-shop-fse
Check also the Beta Science shop examples & publications and get inspired!

Contact us here!
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