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Download calculation module

The WFp application allows you to model the acoustic and visual impact of wind turbine farms on residents. You can supply data on wind turbine types, wind turbine locations, and receivers to the application using comma-separated value files. With these data the application calculates the acoustic and visual impact on receivers, using the same models as used by WINDFARMperception project.

The application calculates the acoustic impact through three different models: the standard Dutch model, the model described in ISO-9613.2, and a simplified model from the New Zealand Standard for Wind Turbine Noise. The visual impact is modeled through two different models: one uses the vertical angle of the wind turbine as a measure of impact, and the other model measures the impact of a wind turbine as its fraction of the field of view of the receiver.

For each model, the output of WFp gives detailed results describing the contribution of each wind turbine to the impact on the receiver, and also general results offering the total impact on each receiver. For all models you can also visualize the contours of the wind farm impact on a top-down view of an area.

Below you can download the WFp application. Download WFpSetup.exe and execute it to install the application. Read the section ‘Getting started with WFp’ in the user manual ( Help menu) for a quick overview of the workings of the application.

To quickly get started with WFp, you can use the example project. Download and extract it. Open the file WFpExample.wtp in WFp to start working with the example project.

The user manual for WFp can be opened from the application, but you can also download it here.

• Download the WFp application.

• Download the example project.

• Download the user manual.

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