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The noise produced by the wind turbines needs to be taken into account in planning new wind farms. Moreover, measures need to be taken to lower the sound levels at surrounding residents' dwellings.

This study shows that people with economic benefit are not annoyed by wind turbine noise. Having control over ones situation plays a part, aside from the financial reward. Therefore it is wise to listen to the views of surrounding residents when planning a wind farm and let their voice count.

A third aspect is the relation between turbine visibility and turbine sound perception. A less visible turbine is heard less often and causes less annoyance. In planning new wind farms, it is recommended that the visual contrast between the wind turbines and their environment is low.

Finally, this study shows that road traffic noise is incapable of preventing wind turbine noise annoyance. Therefore, one has to be cautious in stating that wind farms alongside motorways cause less annoyance. That statement would require more research.
Last modified:05 April 2019 12.10 p.m.
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