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Questionnaire held under surrounding residents

The basis for the questionnaire was provided by Eja Pedersen of the University of Göteborg. Questions were added on the relation between health and environmental factors, for example if one has a chronic disease but also if one is sleep deprived by noise.

This questionnaire aimed at the perception of living environment. For example, the question was asked if one lives in a place where one can relax and gain strength.  Another question was if one found that the surroundings were changed for the better or for worse.

Two subjects received extra attention: road traffic and wind turbines. For example to what extent one is influenced by wind turbines in his vicinity. A distinguish was made between cast shadows in- and outdoors, sound and movement of rotor blades, vibrations and changed view.  

Due to the way in which the questionnaire was put together, all kinds of relations can be found. However, within these relations it is not possible to distinguish cause and consequence.

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