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Research data management system

The Research Data Management System (RDMS) enables researchers from University Groningen to securely save, share and archive research data during all stages of a research project. 

The RDMS in short 

The RDMS is developed at University of Groningen (UG) and facilitates the combination of two important principles in current science; namely, Open Science and the FAIR principles
It provides tools for making your data findable, for sharing data and for enriching data with metadata to promote and enhance re-usability.  

The data is safely stored within the data cloud of the University of Groningen (UG); and offers connections to the High Performance Computing (HPC) and to Pure for publication and registration The RDMS is managed and supported by an interdisciplinary team of university employees. 

Background for the development of the RDMS

As a research output, data is often compared to a public good that should be made available to the community for re-use if possible. That is why the management of research data is getting more important.  

Ensuring the integrity of research data, the open science and the FAIR principles, the increasing demand in scientific data management and more restrictive rules and regulations on the conduct of science via the GDPR, make it imperative to invest in a data management facility for researchers.  

The currently available storage solutions (X/Y, Unishare, Google drive, local NAS) do not sufficiently meet the newly required data management standards and cannot offer support to comply with the new regulations. These systems offer storage, not data management.

Current status 

The RDS is at the beginning of its phase as a service for the whole of the UG. Developments to the RDMS will continue on the basis of use cases for extra functionality. Support of the RDMS lies at the Digital Competence Centre (DCC), the e-mail address is rdms-support or dcc

RDMS functionalities

The RDMS facilitates an environment where researchers can store and manage their data within all phases of research. Data can be saved, archived and shared with other researchers.  

Current functionalities

  • File management
  • Back-up
  • Search
  • Metadata management
  • Rule engine
  • Policy engine
  • Collaboration & Sharing
  • Archive and Publishing
  • Audit & activity log
  • Working in Group and Project drives

RDMS data structure

  • Personal/private Research Drive for research data
  • Team drive for sharing and collaborating
  • Research Project environment for Research projects


  • Data manager: data management team drives and/or research projects.
  • Normal user: management personal research homedrive, team drive participant, research project participant.

Logging in

Researchers (data manager/data engineers/data stewards) can use the RDMS via their  existing federative RUG account. 

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