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Research data management system

Management of research data is getting more important. The integrity of research data, open science, increasing demands in scientific data management (and FAIR principles), rules and regulations (GDPR) and related risks causes the need to invest in a data management facility for researchers. The current storage solutions (X/Y, Unishare, Google drive, NAS) do not sufficiently meet the current data management systems standards.

Building a Data management system together

UG/UMCG launched in 2018 a long-term project to develop a Research Data Management System (centralized and serviced by IT) that is of use to researchers (UG and UMCG). The project team is working with researchers and uses their input to define needs and requirements. In one hour sessions researchers and support staff get to play with the tool and give feedback by which the tool will be improved. Thus, this is a unique opportunity to get the tool in a way that researchers need it.

Make use of the RDMS at an early stage

As from Q2 2020 use cases, i.e. real scientific projects, will be added to the Research Data Management System (RDMS) in cooperation with researchers to be able to develop on concrete usage and specific needed functionality.

This functionality can for instance be on:

  • Storage & File Management
  • Data Vault - store immutable data
  • Find & Re-use
  • Metadata Management
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Provenance and Auditing
  • Automation on (recurrent) activities
  • Interoperability - send/receive (meta)data to/from another system
  • Archiving & Publishing

January 2021 the RDMS will be available as a service for UG/UMCG.
We are in the middle of the development process and it is absolutely essential to obtain feedback from researchers!

Please contact us via rdms-support to join!

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