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RUG Data Science Platform

The main goal of this project is to improve the usability, reusability and reproducibility of data science methods.

For researchers, lecturers, data scientists and people who perform data analysis tasks, the RUG data science platform will be able to run standard and state-of-the-art (START) methods on personal computers and High Performance Computing clusters. These methods will also run using command line and intuitive web-graphical user interfaces without the need for programming skills.

As a result, stakeholders will spend less time setting programming environments, coding, running demonstrations and ultimately it will accelerate the publication of reproducible (computational) results and the reusability of data science methods.

Project milestones

  1. Reusable data science methods and reproducible results via the command line (initial and current phase)
  2. Reusable data science methods and reproducible results via a web-graphical user interface (second phase)
    • Embedding additional methods to the platform
    • All of the methods developed in the initial phase will be available through the web-graphical user interfaces, which will be created in the second phase

More features of the RUG Data Science Platform

If you would like:

  • other data science methods (START or standard) to be included in the platform
  • to containerize a pipeline for reproducibility and reusability or
  • to implement your own methods and embed them into the RUG Data Science platform
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