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Academic Data Center

Cooperation between the University of Groningen and Statistics Netherlands

Thanks to the creation of the Academic Data Center the information provided by Statistics Netherlands can be utilised even more effectively for scientific research.

Aims of the cooperation

  • More efficient collaboration in methods and in data science
  • Create a direct, yet controlled, integration between the virtual workspaces of the researchers of the University of Groningen and the expertise in ​​remote access to microdata of Statistics Netherlands

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Current cooperation projects with Statistics Netherlands


By correlating CBS microdata with data from other sources, we will investigate how to get a clearer view of the life trajectory of alumni of the University of Groningen. We will be able to answer questions about their professional development, their location, and assess the factors influencing the development of their career.

Child abuse

This pilot project is a collaboration with the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences. It aims to identify the influence of various interventions on the long term well-being of children. By linking the Statistics Netherlands data with other data sources, such as the Dutch Council for Child Protection, insights can be gained into the life trajectory of children who have been previously removed from their homes.

Big Data

The Academic Data Center also has direct access to Statistics Netherlands Center for Big Data Statistics (CBDS). This new expertise center connects about forty national and international partners from government, industry, education and science. The aim to develop new solutions based on big data technology for the production of official statistics. It is now possible to make better and faster (real time) connections between the new “big” data sources and the micro data files at Statistics Netherlands. This allows to answer an increasing number of new research questions.

Internet economics and shipping statistics

CBDS is currently working on a study into the significance of the Internet economy in the Netherlands. Research data from Statistics Netherlands statistics are combined with big data from websites of Dutch companies. Another study is based on shipping data available in standardized form for all countries worldwide (AIS data). At regular intervals, ships send signals to each other and to shore about, among other things, their position and speed. This yields large amounts of data that - once made suitable for statistical use - form an enormous source of information. In addition to the enrichment of existing data, the CBDS also focuses on the development of new statistics, for example statistics on CO2 emissions from ships. The data may also be used as an economic indicator.

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