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Researchers create ‘lipidomic map’ of tuberculosis bacteria, offering insights into immunology
Published on:27 September 2023

An international team of scientists has developed a method to detect thousands of lipid molecules that are displayed to the human immune system. This information can be used for the development of vaccines or anti-microbial treatments.

The missing link to make easy protein sequencing possible?
Published on:18 September 2023

Giovanni Maglia has developed a method to transport proteins through a nanopore

New target for antibiotics promises treatment for resistant superbugs
Published on:11 July 2023

Adéla Melcrová, biophysicist at the University of Groningen, and her colleagues discovered that the relatively new antibiotic AMC-109 affects the cell membrane of bacteria by disordering its organization. This differs from most other antibiotics and could open up new directions for future treatment and drug development.

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