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Science LinXAgendaFysica 2017

Virtual Reality

Discover the possibilities of Virtual Reality

During the conference you will have received a cardboard headset, which combined with a smartphone can provide a rudimentary Virtual Reality experience. During the parallel session “Physics and Education” at 14:00 (in Dutch) we will discuss the possibilities and limitations of using VR in education.

For the Fysica 2017 conference we have collected and prepared a selection of science related content to highlight the possibilities and current limitations of VR as a science communication tool. For links and instructions please see below.

Virtual reality bril
Virtual reality bril


Once you have assembled your headset (instructions on the cardboard sleeve) it is simply a question of browsing to a VR-ready video on your smartphone and selecting “VR mode” represented by the following icon:

icon die aangeeft dat content in virtual reality gezien kan worden
VR mode icon

As a final step, place your smartphone in the cardboard headset and you are ready to go.

TIP: lengthen the time it takes before your phone goes into sleepmode to keep from continuously having to open the headset.

More VR Content

Additionally the Discovery channel has been producing some VR content.

Made in Groningen

You can also visit the ScienceLinX sketchfab channel which we will launch during the conference and use to showcase the research of scientists at the University of Groningen. Be sure to check back here as we will be adding more content during and after the conference.

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