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Output data

Output is defined in the SEP mainly as scientific publications. Both numerical tables are required, giving the numbers of publications in the various categories and years, as well as lists with full bibliographic references, as follows:

   1. [SEP: Table 3] For each institute, a table is required, giving for each year (1996—20041), the number of publications published in the categories:

  1. refereed academic journal articles
  2. other academic publications (including book chapter, proceedings article (but not abstract-only), and monograph)
  3. doctoral dissertations
  4. (optional) professional publications
  5. (optional) patents  

   2. [SEP: Table 6] The same table is required for each research group.


   3. [SEP: Table 7] For each research group, a full list of all publications is to be provided, using the same categories as above.


To create these tables, it will be necessary to assign publications to research groups. This is not entirely trivial in case an author has moved from one research group to another during the review period (1996-2004), has joined or left the cluster in that period, or participated in more than one research group simultaneously.

The general principle to be followed is that a publication is assigned to the research group where the research reported on was performed, regardless of the affiliation of the researcher at the time the publication appears in print. Multiple authorship of a publication may justify assigning the publication to more than one research group.

Publications by authors who are no longer affiliated with the Cluster at the time of appearing in print of a publication will still be assigned to the former research group of the author, provided the old affiliation is mentioned in the publication and no more than two years have elapsed between leaving the Cluster and the publication’s appearing in print.

1 The tables concerning publications, and the lists of full bibliographic data, will be updated in January 2005 with the data for 2004.

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