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Organisation of compiling the Self-evaluation document

The College van Bestuur is responsible for the Research evaluation. The organisation of the assessment has been delegated to the Faculteitsbestuur, in particular to Prof.dr. R. Morgenstern, responsible for research. The day-to-day organisation of the assessment has been delegated to Dr. M. Koopmans for the KVI-groups and to N.J.I. Mars for the other groups.

The co-ordinates of these co-ordinators are:

Dr. M. (Marjan) Koopmans
Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut
T 050 363 7437   
E Koopmans N.J.I. (Koos) Mars
Materials Science Centre
T 050 363 8464   
E n.j.i.mars

The College van Bestuur has assigned the role of Secretary to the Peer Review Committee to Dr. J.M van Rooij, AZIS, RuG (T 050 363 5351   E j.m.van.rooij

For the Self-evaluation document, a variety of information is required, as prescribed by the SEP and the RuG Protocol. As far as possible, the factual data required --in particular input data (personnel and money) and output data (lists of publications)-- were prepared by the co-ordinators and submitted to the heads of the groups and institutes/centres for their approval. (The factual data required is specified in excruciating detail in later sections.)

In addition to the factual data, text was required at the level of the institutes/centres and at the level of the research groups. Drafts of these text contributions were required from the heads of the institutes/centres and the heads of the research groups. Again, specifications for the text required, with suggestions about the length and format, follow in later sections.

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