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Program Symposium

The power of aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy in materials science

To celebrate the inauguration of the ZIAM electron microscopy center

10:30-11:00:     Coffee & Registration

11:00-11:25:     Bart Kooi (ZIAM, Groningen)
Welcome & Introduction: The power of aberration corrected TEM and STEM

11:25-11:50:     Sorin Lazar (Thermo Fisher Scientific, Eindhoven)
Introduction to correctors and their materials science applications

11:50-12:35:     Maria Varela (Complutense University of Madrid, Spain)
High Resolution Views of the Nanoworld

12:35-13:00:     Gertjan Koster (University of Twente)
Controlled properties in oxide heterostructures by interface-engineered oxygen octahedral coupling

13:00-14:00:     Lunch break

14:00-14:25:     Marcel Verheijen (Eindhoven University of Technology)
Planar Defects in Hexagonal Group IV Materials

14:25-14:50       Jamo Momand (ZIAM, Groningen)
Interface engineering of two- and three-dimensionally bonded materials: telluride heterostructures on silicon

14:50-15:15       Marijn van Huis (Utrecht University)
Resolving novel phases of 1D and 2D nanostructures by combining TEM and DFT

15:15-15:40       Beatriz Noheda (ZIAM, Groningen)
Towards materials systems for cognitive computing

15:40-16:00       Coffee break

16:00-16:45       Rafal Dunin-Borkowski (Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons, Research Centre Juelich, Germany)
Towards atomic-resolution characterisation of magnetic moments and charge densities in the transmission electron microscope

16:45-17:00       Movie-Inauguration

17:00-End          Drinks

Download the program here.

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