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Guest Lectures - Dr. Andrea Cesari

From:Mo 13-05-2024
Until:Fr 17-05-2024
Where:Feringa Building & Antonius Deusinglaan

Speaker: Dr Andrea Cesari, Fixed-term Junior Researcher (RTDa), Organic Chemist and NMR Spectroscopist at Università di Pisa

Lecture titles:

1. From Sample to Spectrum: good practises in liquid-state NMR Spectroscopy

2. Exploring the NMR toolkit for molecular recognition studies - from relaxation times to 2D maps

3. Applications of liquid-state NMR spectroscopy in pharmaceutical technology

4. Nanoparticle-based chemosensors using NMR spectroscopy

Abstracts, times and locations can be found here (pdf)

Host: Prof.dr. P.C.A. van der Wel

Tel +31 50 36 32 683