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Tamalika Banerjee Associate Investigator in FLEET

06 April 2021
Tamalika Banerjee
Tamalika Banerjee

Tamalika Banerjee, professor spintronics of functional materials, has been invited as Scientific Associate Investigator in FLEET (Australia). FLEET is an ARC Centre of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies. It addresses a grand challenge: reducing the energy used in information technology, which now accounts for 8% of the electricity use on Earth, and is doubling every 10 years. The current, silicon-based technology will stop becoming more efficient in the next decade as Moore’s law comes to an end.

The FLEET network

FLEET connects 20 chief investigators from seven participating organisations around Australia and 25 partner investigators from 18 organisations internationally. The current FLEET team is highly interdisciplinary with high-profile researchers from atomic physics, condensed matter physics, materials science, electronics, nanofabrication and atomically thin materials. With over $40M investment from the Australian Research Council and contributing organisations including the NSW Department of Industry, Skills & Regional Development, FLEET is poised to make significant global impact in the electronics and energy sectors.

More info on FLEET:

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