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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Molecular Biophysics Roos group

Molecular Biophysics

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16 January 2020
Margherita Marchetti successfully defended her thesis. Well done Margherita!
She has started as Investment Analyst at Innovation Industries, an independent venture capital fund.

1 December 2019
The second call for our Cofund oLife fellowship programme has been openened.
Eight post-doc positions in diverse fields are available. Closing deadline 26 January 2020

1 April 2019
The EU has awarded our Cofund oLife fellowship programme.
We are hiring 18 post-docs in diverse fields.

26 January 2019
The 2019 GRC Physical Virology (20 - 25 January 2019) was a great success, excellent science and networking. See you hopefully in 2021 at the next meeting!

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The research in the Molecular Biophysics lab ranges from molecular to systems size levels. In particular, we study the structure and mechanics of viral capsids, their interaction with host cell molecules and the mechanisms of nanoparticle self-assembly. Viral assembly and genome-capsid interactions are closely related and for many viruses assembly is crucially dependent on the encapsulated cargo. We study this assembly and the related cargo-capsid interactions with various biophysical techniques, including atomic force microscopy and fluorescence microscopy. In addition we study the structure and dynamics of liposomes and extracellular vesicles. These latter vesicles have recently become under intense scrutiny for their role in inter-cellular communication as well as for their potential as drug carrier vehicle. Our interests in viral and vesicle systems is complemented by research on cells, the cytoskeleton and their associated molecular motors. How does a highly complex system like cells govern and coordinate their interactions with external cues (viruses, vesicles) and with their intracellular components? We address these questions with an interdisciplinary team where people with backgrounds in various disciplines of Life sciences, including physics, chemistry and biology, combine forces to tackle the challenges that come up while elucidating the fascinating mechanisms that govern life processes.

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