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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Macromolecular Chemistry and New Polymeric Materials Loos Group

Biocatalysis in Polymer Chemistry


Biocatalytic pathways to polymeric materials are an emerging research area with not only enormous scientific and technological promise, but also a tremendous impact on environmental issues.

Enzymatic polymerizations are a p owerful and versatile approach which can compete with chemical and physical techniques for the production of known materials such as “commodity plastics” but also for the synthesis of novel macromolecules so far not accessible via traditional chemical approaches.

Biocatalytic approaches in polymer synthesis are therefore ways of reducing energy and material consumption and minimising the generation of waste and emissions. With this enzymatic polymerizations will be an essential contribution for achieving industrial sustainability in the future.

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Last modified:01 July 2015 10.53 a.m.