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Research Zernike (ZIAM) Bio-inspired Circuits & Systems Chicca group

New BICS member Bhavana Ballal

01 March 2021

We welcome Bhavana Ballal as a new PhD student in the BICS group.

Bhavana Ballal's interest lie in the design of analog and digital CMOS circuits and to combine conventional approaches with novel memristive technologies. Bhavana did her B.E in Electronics and Communication at Mangalore University, India and she holds a M.Sc in System-on-Chip from Lund University, Sweden. In her PhD she plans to implement hybrid CMOS-memristive circuitries that can be used in spiking neural networks as neurons and synapses. Hereby, she will focus on ferro-electric devices such as ferro-electric tunnel junctions and transistors. The non-volatile state-holding behavior of these devices shows promising features for implementing concepts found in biological neural networks. Additionally, she will also focus on asynchronous SRAM and TCAM cells for more complex neuromorphic multi-chip systems.

Last modified:20 May 2021 5.48 p.m.

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