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Assistant Professor Björn Mitzinneck (photo: Reyer Boxem)

Energy transition: organizational knowledge for effective multi-stakeholder collaboration can be a key ingredient

Date:09 December 2021

At the end of last year, dr Björn Mitzinneck, dr Tom Boot and dr Christiaan van der Kwaak received a Veni grant from the Dutch Research Council ( NWO ) worth up to €250,000. The grants provide the laureates with the opportunity to further develop their own...

Assistant Professor Christiaan van der Kwaak (photo: Reyer Boxem)

How unconventional monetary policies affect financial stability

Date:30 November 2021

At the end of last year, dr Christiaan van der Kwaak, dr Tom Boot and dr Björn Mitzinneck received a Veni grant from the Dutch Research Council ( NWO ) worth up to €250,000. The grants provide the laureates with the opportunity to further develop their own...

Associate professor Tom Boot (photo: Reyer Boxem)

Which economic forecasts do we trust?

Date:26 November 2021

At the end of last year, dr Tom Boot, dr Christiaan van der Kwaak and dr Björn Mitzinneck received a Veni grant from the Dutch Research Council ( NWO ) worth up to €250,000. The grants provide the laureates with the opportunity to further develop their own...

Professor Nancy Kamp-Roelands (Photo: Reyer Boxem)

Professor Nancy Kamp-Roelands speaks at the 38th session of UNCTAD-ISAR

Date:25 November 2021

As a professor in non-financial information, integrated reporting and assurance, Nancy Kamp-Roelands presented during the 38th annual meeting some key findings from the agenda paper. She assisted the UNCTAD secretariat in writing the paper. It is based on...

Zan Mlakar

How a commited minority can change society

Date:07 October 2021

Over the last year, handshakes have been replaced by fist or elbow bumps as a greeting. It shows that age-old social conventions can not only change, but do so suddenly. But how does this happen? Robotic engineers and marketing scientists from the...

Professor Floor Rink (photographer Elmer Spaargaren)

Diversity in the boardroom: Only attention to respresentation and woman's quota is not enough

Date:30 September 2021

Each fall, the Female Board Index is published containing the most recent percentage of female top executives and supervisory directors in the Netherlands. This index enjoys much media attention because the growth of the number of women at the top is still...

Esther Metting (photo Reyer Boxem)

The new healthcare: from E-health to CoronaCheck 

Date:16 September 2021

As human beings, we are living longer, which also means that more people are suffering from chronic illnesses than ever before. The workload in the health care sector is very high and costs are on the rise. This may affect how easy access to good and...

Bianca Harms (middle) and her promotores

Mission accomplished: first PhD student in the PhD part time programme defended her thesis

Date:08 September 2021

In the spring of 2015,  FEB Research interviewed Bianca Harms as she was the first student in FEB’s part time PhD programme. Fast forward to 8 April 2021 and Bianca defended her thesis “Native advertising: effective, deceptive, or both?” at the Academy...

Vice-dean research and new SOM director professor Robert Lensink

Facing new challenges with enthusiasm

Date:01 September 2021

Since January 2021, Robert Lensink is the new vice-dean research and the director of the research institute SOM. He started his career at FEB in 1989 as an assistant professor and since 2001,  he is a full Professor of Finance and Financial Markets at the...

Professor Floor Rink

'Take a close look at the content of diversity training courses'

Date:10 June 2021

The first thing that Floor Rink, Professor of Organizational Behaviour, wants to put out there is that devoting attention to diversity in the workplace is always a good thing. But she also emphasises that we sometimes end up repeating ourselves....

Assistant professor Joost van de Brake

FEB Researchers want to help solve COVID-19 problems in healthcare

Date:22 April 2021

Last year, several FEB researchers received a grant from ZonMW (the Dutch organization for Healthcare Research and Innovation) to look at specific problems in the healthcare system that occurred during the covid-19 pandemic. One of the projectleaders is...

Daan Hulshof

“Investors in green energy make a lot of profit from subsidies”

Date:16 April 2021
“My analysis of the Dutch subsidy system shows that many investors in renewable energy need a lot less subsidy than they actually receive. This ensures that these investors achieve relatively high profits, or "excess profits", on their subsidized projects. I have now calculated that the excess profits amount to more than 30% for any (profitable) project. In practice, however, investors do not randomly choose their projects, but rather know how to choose the most profitable projects. As a result, the excess profits of the projects actually undertaken amount to as much as 50%.
Assistant Professor Coen Heijes

Blackface, Shakespeare and Dutch theatre

Date:07 April 2021

Over the past years, Coen Heijes’s research has focused on the interrelationship between blackface, race and the theatre industry. Using Shakespeare productions of Othello as a case study, he demonstrated in his latest monograph, published by Cambridge...

Young people, Covid19 and burn out

Young people, Covid19 and burn-out

Date:30 March 2021

Since the introduction of the Covid19 pandemic, there has certainly been a discussion about the young people. Young people would feel the consequences of the (intelligent) lock-down even more strongly. They no longer go outside, can no longer meet their...

Professor Jana Oehmichen and associate professor Sebastian Firk

Why we need more investor dedication

Date:25 March 2021

Some of the most unique firms such as Tesla and Facebook seem to be concerned about the influence of the capital market on their firms’ strategies. Some time ago, Tesla threatened to delist to pursue a more long-term oriented strategy without the...

Jessica de Bloom (photo by Nienke Maat)

How to spend your vacation during Covid19?

Date:23 March 2021

This past summer, during the covid-19 pandemic, our vacation might not have been what we planned for. You may have chosen a different destination or even opted to stay home. Now that we are looking forward to planning our summer vacation 2021, with the...

Jenny van Doorn and a social robot

Robots to the rescue?

Date:16 March 2021

Social interaction between robots and humans is something we will have to get used to. In our health care system, investments in these robots are rising, especially during the covid-19 pandemic as it is harder to get enough personnel. The robots can...


Go Vote!

Date:09 March 2021
If you believe the rational choice voting theory of Anthony Downs (Downs, 1957) a professor that doesn't vote, realizes that the benefit of voting does not outweigh the costs of travelling to the voting station, since her/his vote is most likely not going to be decisive for the election outcome. There is a problem though. According to this theory nobody would vote. 
The cost of the COVID19 pandemic

The cost of the COVID19 pandemic

Date:04 March 2021

15 March 2020; the day that the Netherlands went into lockdown. The one-year anniversary is around the corner. What does the COVID19 crisis and the COVID19 vaccinations cost the Netherlands? Maarten Postma, professor of Global Health Economics, does the...

Dr Pedro de Faria

Doing research in times of a pandemic

Date:11 February 2021

Over the past couple of months, Pedro de Faria’s research was influenced by the covid-19 pandemic. Together with his colleagues, Bart Los and Florian Noseleit, he published two FEB blog articles about the pandemic. FEB Research asked him to tell more about...

Professor Gerard van den Berg

Back in Groningen: Gerard van den Berg

Date:23 January 2021

After his time as a student at the Faculty of Economics, Gerard van den Berg, Professor of Health Econometrics, is back in Groningen. Van den Berg is well-known for his research on the long-run effects of conditions very early in life (economic condition,...