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YAG-SER Interdisciplinary Projects incentive fund

The YAG firmly believes in the importance of interdisciplinary research to be able to  respond to the challenges of our complex world. Diversity of disciplines will boost  research and education.

As such the YAG observed that there were no low threshold funds available for exploratory, interdisciplinary research, education, or impact creation at the RUG (or external). Based on its successful experiences with interdisciplinary projects, the  YAG therefore proposed an initiative to the UG executive board and the College of Deans  to facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration between employees of different faculties  through so-called ‘Interdisciplinary seed grants’.

The aim of the YAG-SER grant is to develop innovative ideas or gauge the feasibility of an idea. It is designed to be a step towards a larger project, such as an application for substantial funding from an external funder, a new teaching track, new modes of instruction, or the formation of a large-scale consortium to work on a new theme with internal and external partners.

Staff members from two or more different faculties can start interdisciplinary  research, education or impact projects supported by funding (2000 euro per person) from  their faculties. The UG executive board is matching 1000 euro per faculty when the  projects are linked to one of the four Schools. This initiative was met with enthusiasm and all faculties participate.

The first call for projects was opened in spring 2022. 

Highlighted projects

PhD candidate Michele Molè received a grant for his project Panoptiwork - The Human and the Digital at Work . Fourteen researchers from seven faculties will produce interdisciplinary research and seminars on labour and digitalisation.

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