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Humans of the RUG (2020)

The 2020 cohort produced a podcast series of eight episodes about individuals (humans) at the University of Groningen (the name was inspired by the famous Humans of New York storytelling series). Who are the individuals that make a university flourish? When thinking about the faces of a university, professors and students may be the first people that come to mind. But there are so many more  people: beadles, technicians, study advisors, secretaries, and many others.  

They all bring their stories with them when they come to study and work at the  university, and they experience new stories together. Without them, the University  would not be what it is. “Humans of RUG” is a podcast series that showcases, in  conversations with various guests, the many human faces of a large university such  as the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. It was developed with help from podcast  producer Wim Brons. It looks at the history of the RUG, its students and professors,  the support structure within departments, but also how the University is perceived  by and interacts with the outside world, the city of Groningen. As such, it makes  different parts of the university more visible to one another and to the outside. 

The first episode was released on October 14, 2021 and then one episode every week  on a website, YouTube and all well-known podcast players (such as Apple podcasts  and Spotify). At the time of writing (March 2022), the eight episodes have been  downloaded >700 times. 

All episodes have since been released and can be found here and through regular podcast channels

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